Trichotillomania is the recurrent pulling of one’s own hair resulting in noticeable hair loss.

Trich (as it is sometimes referred), is a neurobiological disorder, a problem related to your nervous system. Doctors and scientists still have a lot to learn about what causes it and how to treat it.  No one knows why some people have trich and others don’t.  It does seem to run in families, along with problems like picking at skin and biting nails. The doctors have noticed that for some people with this problem, there is something in the brain that makes hair pulling feel good or relaxing, a feeling of pleasure or gratification or relief, therefore it is much more difficult to control than kicking a “bad habit”.

Sufferers of trichotillomania have an increasing sense of tension immediately before pulling out their hair or when attempting to not pull. There are websites dedicated to education and support for this condition, is one of those, and is another.

We at Headline Studio LLC are very familiar with this disorder, and have clients who suffer from trichotillomania.  We have many different solutions that tailor to each individual’s specific requirements for a natural looking hair style. No one ever needs to know about your hair loss challenges.

We offer complimentary, and confidential, consultations. Our private styling rooms assure discretion, and our staff is warm, friendly, and empathetic to this condition. Our mission is to make your experience with us as easy and dignified as possible.