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7928 Council Place Suite 104

Matthews, NC 28105


Tue. – Fri.: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sat: By Appointment Only
Sun – Mon: Closed

(704) 841-1993

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All About the Hair

Our Charlotte area studio offers many solutions of hair replacement including hair systems for men and women, high quality wigs, human hair eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and hair extensions.

In addition, we offer all Hair Salon Services for clients who do not experience hair loss.

We also provide facial waxing for hair removal.
(We do not provide waxing for other areas of the body at this time.)

Headline Studio

Hair Loss Treatment

Discover Our

Hair Loss Solutions for Women

A woman’s hair is a large component of beauty and image, therefore  self-confidence.  Your hair frames your face, reflects your personality and projects youth, health, and vitality. There are many options for hair restoration, and you deserve a specific, customized solution for your individual situation.

Hair thinning and hair loss are caused by many different factors. Female patterned baldness (yes, ladies, it happens to us, too), alopecia, trichotillomania, illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, gastric bypass surgery, stress, medications, and cancer/chemotherapy  treatments are some of the basic causes. There is a solution for all these challenges.

Regardless of the cause, Let’s Solve It Together!

Discover Our

Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Looking for a great alternative to hair transplant surgery

Non-surgical hair replacement will restore your self-confidence and fullness of life. It will make a difference in your lifestyle as well as your hairstyle. You will wake up with hair, swim, work out, participate in sports, all with the freedom and confidence you’ve had in the past. You will have your natural, youthful appearance back. The virtual undetectable hairline is amazing, and no one will know! There are many causes of hair loss, including male pattern baldness, but regardless of the factor contributing to your situation, there is a customized solution for you.

Currently going elsewhere? Give us a try with one complimentary service.

Headline Studio

High Quality Wigs

Our Human Hair Collections

We offer high quality wigs as another solution to hair loss.
Our Charlotte area studio has a selection of wig samples, representing a variety of styles, lengths, and color options for you to try.  We will work with you to select the look you want to achieve.  We have several vendors of human hair, and a blend of human hair and high quality synthetic fibers that have been very popular.

Personalized cutting and styling services are included in the purchase price of your wig.

We work with the American Cancer Society and both CMC and Novant hospitals, as well as private Medical practices in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Call for your complimentary, confidential consultation.

Headline Studio

High Quality Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Do you desire longer, thicker, and more luxurious hair that blends perfectly with your natural hair in color and texture?

Hair extensions may be the solution for you!

Our Charlotte area studio offers high quality human hair extensions in a variety of lengths, colors, density and wave patterns. Our methods are gentle to your hair.

We invite you to call for your complimentary consultation, to match to your hair color and style, and for us to determine proper application time and pricing.

Headline Studio

Human Hair Eyebrows & Eyelash Extensions

Human Hair Eyebrows

Women experiencing alopecia or chemotherapy may also lose their eyebrows.
We have bondable, natural human hair eyebrows that are a beautiful alternative to the tattoo solution.

Call for an appointment for your complimentary consultation, the first step to a beautiful you!

Eyelash Extensions

Do you desire fuller, longer, more luxurious eyelashes?

Our Certified Eyelash Extension Professional will give you the look you cannot achieve with mascara alone!

As there are options available, including length, curl pattern, and volume, our professional will help you to find the style that works best with your eye shape and lifestyle.

Call for your appointment to meet with our Certified Eyelash Extension specialist to determine which look is best for you, and leave with glamorous eyes!

Learn About Our Professional Salon Services
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“I would recommend trying a hair system, and Headline Studio in the Charlotte area is the greatest place to go, as they offer quality, skilled styling, and in a warm, empathetic environment. I know what it has done for me. You will not go back to the way your hair was before. I am sure you will like looking younger again and the confidence that comes with it.”
- Gary


“I’ve been a client with Headline Studio since 2003. What a difference it has made in my life! I could not live my life without it. The wonderful service and skilled stylists, in addition to the friendly and warm ambiance, make it a pleasant experience, as well as a necessity. I have significant, permanent hair loss and the staff has restored my appearance to my former self!”
- Megan


“I have been a loyal and satisfied client of this studio since the mid-90’s and it is well worth the hour and a half trip from Hickory to Charlotte. The staff is professional, skilled in hair replacement, and friendly. My hair loss is no longer an issue, I live my life looking natural and wake up everyday with hair!”
- Tyler


“Having eyebrows that you can adhere has been a life changer, truly! I have total alopecia, so Headline Studio in Charlotte has been providing me with hair systems, and now they are offering these awesome, very natural looking human hair eyebrows. Now that I have had them for a few months, I have adapted to applying and caring for them. It makes me feel like a normal person again! I will continue to use them, they are such a great invention for those of us who do not have eyebrows! Yay, Headline Studio!”
- Jennifer


“Deanna and I first met each other at another salon almost ten years ago. At that time, I was mainly curious about hair replacement and wanted to give it a whirl. Since then, I have followed Deanna and have been delighted that she now has her own Hair Replacement business. It has been so much fun watching her business evolve. Compared to the other hair replacement options in Charlotte, Headline Studio offers a more personalized and relaxed approach in helping us to be our best. For me, there is no other place like it in the Charlotte area.”
- Michael

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7928 Council Place Suite 104
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