Non-surgical hair replacement systems offer a solution for people who are looking to quickly address their hair loss without the worry of expensive and invasive medical procedures. Through this method, you are matched with a hair unit that is both natural-looking and undetectable, which is applied to the scalp using modern bonding material.

Here we will discuss a few benefits that make choosing non-surgical hair replacement systems a superior option to other hair replacement solutions like hair surgery and hair replacement drugs.

1. Instantaneous Results

One obvious advantage of a non-surgical hair replacement system is the ability to have instantaneous results. Hair loss can be a mentally and emotionally devastating experience which can lower your self-esteem and result in depression. While the quest to attain natural hair regrowth through medication or surgery can be appealing, these both have their own disadvantages. The biggest downside to these options are that they require a waiting period before you are able to see results. With a non-surgical hair replacement system, you can instantly achieve the look you desire.

2. No Pain or Discomfort

Does one have to suffer for beauty? We don’t believe so. While undergoing the procedure of a non-surgical hair replacement you will not need to endure pain or soreness. When it comes to surgical procedures like hair transplants, there is a recovery period of up to a week where patients must oftentimes take medication to minimize their pain. They must also deal with the risk of scarring and infection taking place. A non-surgical hair replacement system is the optimal option for those who would prefer not to take such risks or experience this discomfort.

3. Affordable

The cost of a hair transplant can range between $4,000 to $15,000. Because insurance companies will often look at hair replacement as a cosmetic procedure, they are unlikely to cover this expense. Attempting to pay for this expense out of pocket can be a financial burden. Non-surgical hair replacement systems are far less expensive in comparison.

4. Guaranteed Results

Imagine spending months committed to hair loss treatments or thousands on hair replacement surgeries only to be left with dissatisfying results. Even those who have undergone hair transplant surgeries can once again suffer hair loss if they are genetically susceptible to pattern baldness. Additionally, medications used to stimulate scalp follicles, like Minoxidil, have been shown to only work for 38.9% of users. With non-surgical hair replacement systems, you can be certain that the outcome you attain will be worth the investment.

In conclusion, non-surgical hair replacement offers many benefits. Our clients here at Headline Studio have openly shared their delight and commendation of our customized hair systems. Located near the Charlotte, NC area, we service clients from a variety of ages and backgrounds. Contact us to see how our services can work for you.