Long, luxurious eyelashes are every woman’s desire.

However, not all of us are born with this asset. Or, we may have lost many due to the aging process or through medications, including chemotherapy.

Regardless of the cause, thicker, longer lashes are attainable.

Semi-permanent eyelash extension application is a non-invasive eyelash enhancing procedure that is safe, painless, and relaxing. This method gives you a custom designed look, instant gratification, long lasting results, with minimal maintenance, and all in about an hour!

Eyelash extensions are comprised of individual synthetic fibers that are curved to replicate natural eyelashes. These come in many lengths, thicknesses, colors, and curvatures, to achieve moderate to extreme results. They are applied directly to individual isolated natural lashes, one extension at a time, using a specially formulated adhesive for eye safety.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions can be very therapeutic to clients suffering from alopecia, trichotillomania, and chemotherapy. The application of these eyelash extensions by a trained, certified specialist can lift the spirits, self-esteem, and confidence of these patient/clients. Because the extensions are applied directly to existing, natural lashes, the client must have sufficient lashes to receive the procedure. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy should wait until they have completed their sessions.

Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles (every 60-90 days). When a natural eyelash falls out (sheds), a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces the one lost, with no noticeable loss. So of course when one of these lashes falls out, if an extension is connected to it, it is also lost. With proper care and maintenance, touch-ups (fill-ins), are typically needed once every two to four weeks. In that session, the extension specialist adds extensions to the newest mature natural lashes to maintain that full, lush appearance.

Depending on the number of lashes being applied, and the expertise of the certified eyelash extension specialist, it takes 60-90+ minutes on average. The fill-in appointments generally take 45-60 minutes.

In addition to wearing eyelash extensions full time, some people opt to utilize the look for special occasions, such as weddings, proms, anniversaries, vacations, etc.

It is very important to go ONLY to certified, credentialed individuals for this procedure. The importance of a safe, hygienic application cannot be emphasized enough!

Headline Studio LLC has a Certified Professional Eyelash Extension Professional on staff. Compare our pricing to other Studios, a full set will run from 125.00 – 175.00, depending on the fullness, length, and time required for application. Most full sets average around 125.00. Our fill-ins run 75.00-95.00.

We also send you out with an Eyelash Extensions After Care sheet.

So whether you want long, full, luxurious lashes all the time, or simply for a special occasion, call for your appointment.

We are conveniently located in Matthews, minutes from Charlotte, and right off 1-485, exit 52.