Any type of weight loss surgery can cause hair thinning or hair loss. The initial and drastic reduction of nutrients can cause this side effect.  Generally, it occurs three to six months after surgery.  It is devastating to have improved your appearance through weight loss, and then to have hair loss! Sometimes, but not always, the hair loss or thinning is permanent. But there are solutions to these temporary or permanent challenges.

Hair replacement solutions vary from one client to another. Hair systems can be utilized in a variety of ways, offering a natural hairline, in the hairstyle of your choice. No one will know you are experiencing any hair loss.

The Hair Loss Industry uses their knowledge and current technology to create new and improved solutions, resulting in thinner, more natural, comfortable systems, and breathable bases. They offer continuing education to hair replacement specialists enabling us to offer the best systems, products, and services possible, to ensure your satisfaction.

Our hair replacement specialists will work with you to customize a solution for you.  We will consider your lifestyle, and the hairstyle you want to achieve. We offer confidential, complimentary consultations in our private styling rooms to ensure discretion.