Remember the Movie “The Fault in our Stars”?

Shailene Woodley played Hazel Grace Lancaster in the movie, and was the actress who played previously in The Spectacular Now, and The Descendants movies.

In August of 2013 Shailene began preparing for her role, and knew she would have to cut her long beautiful hair to have the very short style for her character. Hazel Grace Lancaster was a 16 year old living with terminal cancer.

Prior to having her hair cut, Shailene began researching organizations so she could donate her hair and found Children with Hair Loss, a great organization that accepts hair and then has wigs created for children with the need for hair.

Shailene learned through her research that many “non-profit” organizations claim philanthropy, but the products they offer come with a price. Many families are facing financial difficulties with medical bills, time off from work to give their children the time and care that is needed during an already difficult time. Some families have had to wait up to 8 months to even qualify for a wig! Some organizations require W-2’s, letters of need and personal endorsements with before and after photos and thank you’s, for their own promotions!

Not so with CWHL!

Children with Hair Loss has only one requirement. That is a note stating a diagnosis from a Doctor or social worker, and a date of birth along with the child’s application. There has never been a family charged, billed, or obligated for what they receive from CWHL. Each child in need receives a new human hair wig or hair system every year up until the age of 21. They also receive a care package containing one hat, two head wraps, hair care products, a head form, a brush and a comb and an instruction video on how to care for the hair system – and all at NO COST to the child or family.

A child experiencing hair loss is often feeling isolated and alone in the experience. Hair loss is very personal, a loss of their self-identity. There is such a joy and excitement when watching a child put on their wig for the first time. The wigs not only help them feel and look good, but they help them to step outside and face the world every day with strength and confidence.

CWHL offers each child a sense of normalcy during a difficult time. Their team works very hard to provide the products and services to help better these children’s lives.

So Shailene chose to donate her hair to CWHL, knowing the difference they would make to a child, and that it would be handled responsibly and with empathy. Shailene also used social media to expose the benefits of hair donation. As a result, donations have continued to be sent to CWHL headquarters from around the U.S. and several other countries!

Headline Studio LLC is a member of CWHL and accepts donations to this worthy organization, and will even cut and style the donor’s hair.

CWHL’s motto is:

“Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts”

Contact us today to learn how we can help with hair loss through non surgical hair replacement.