During pregnancy, women’s bodies go through a number of drastic physical changes within a short period of 9 months. One of these changes experienced throughout or after pregnancy is hair loss. Hair normally grows in a cycle. 90% of your hair is growing at any given point in time while the other 10% is in what is known as the resting phase. When in the resting phase, hair falls out allowing for new strands to grow in its place.

Hair loss resulting from pregnancy is not uncommon. Pregnant women may experience hair loss or thinning throughout their pregnancy or in the months following childbirth. While this may be alarming to some moms-to-be, it is common and can typically be caused by a variety of reasons.

Hormonal Changes

Hair loss during pregnancy can be caused by a shift in the balance of hormones as a woman’s body prepares to support the growth of the developing baby. Any type of dramatic shift in hormones will cause a normal hair growth cycle to become affected and disorganized which then leads to hair loss. Excessive hair thinning and shedding can also be caused by dramatic emotional changes that are related to pregnancy.

Health Issues

Some women encounter health issues during their time of pregnancy. Health issues that generate an imbalance in hormones or vitamins, such as hypothyroidism or iron deficiency anemia, may be the cause of hair loss or thinning. It is important for women experiencing health issues throughout pregnancy to work with their doctors to return vitamin and hormone levels back to normal and jumpstart the regrowth cycle of thinning hair.  

Poor Nutrition

Nutrition is extremely important for women during pregnancy to nurse a growing baby. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals present in a pregnant woman’s diet can also lead to hair loss. On the flip side, too much intake of vitamins and minerals can also cause hair thinning and loss. It is not only important for mothers-to-be to maintain a proper nutritious diet for the baby, but for their overall health as well.

Hair loss during or after pregnancy is not something to worry too much about, but should be monitored for potential underlying causes. Thinning and loss of hair at any stage in a woman’s life can be stressful and affect self-esteem. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning during any stage of your pregnancy there are solutions to help revitalize your hair.


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